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2014 11 - November 2014 Newlstter

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As another year draws to an end (and wow how it has flown!) I thought you might like to know what has been going on in our neck of the woods.

We have had a busy year, and thanks to all of you who have been through our doors - yes all the locals who visit us throughout the year, and then the time sharers who visit us during your Lowveld week, and the tourists who seem to hurry through on their way to the Kruger Park. We love seeing you all, sharing your experiences, watching your families grow and just catching up with all of you. We appreciate your friendship, support and kindness. It is really special when your customers become your friends!

There is never a dull moment at the coffee shop - we have paved, extended the parking and built a cold room (which meant that everything in the kitchen had to be relocated to make space).

The coffee trees are growing well and we expect a good crop in 2015. The cycle of germinating, planting, harvesting and processing continues and we enjoy sharing our passion for coffee with all of you. The coffee tours continue to be very popular.

The banting diet has affected us to and we have changed some menus to accommodate your ever diminishing bodies. Tim is looking great after losing quite a bit of weight (the same can't be said of Floyd).

Life at the coffee shop would not be the same without Sasha, Fergie and Floyd who think they are the welcoming committee. Sasha survived a black mamba encounter (thank goodness) - and is probably on her fifth or six life already. Fergie and Floyd have become quite discerning - and seem to be able to determine the customers who will be prepared to share their lunch with them.

We had an amazing trip to Russia in July - what an experience. The highlights included the endless expanses of water, the magnificent palaces, the underground train station with their marble, statues and frescos and the unbelievable cemetries, museums and art galleries. The visit to the Red Square was remarkable - as was the tour of the Kremlin.

The coffee shop was in left in good hands as Caroline and James took over. Caroline has just completed her first year at Wits studying medicine and James is training to become a helicopter pilot. We have been lucky enough to accompany him on a few trips - and have loved the bird's eye view. A highlight of the year for our staff was when James took them all for a flip over Hazyview. They are still talking about it!

Ivy has just finished writing her Abet matric subjects - which takes some doing with a full time job and three young children. We salute her.

The summer rains have started to fall and the Lowveld is looking lovely. We all however continue to fear for the future of our rhinos.

We wish you and yours a very peaceful Christmas and we wish you love and laughter as we usher in 2015.

'til next time


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