IT’S ALL ABOUT COFFEE – the world’s most popular beverage.

SABIE VALLEY COFFEE was established in 1984 by the Buckland Family, who realised that the majestic misty mountain slopes of the Sabie Valley in the Lowveld, had the soils, altitude and climate to produce fine single origin arabica coffee.


We started as just coffee growers in Hazyview, but we soon realised that competing in a commodity crop with worldwide competition was going to be a very challenging venture.  We realised too that we had to add value to the raw material by roasting, packing and distributing it ourselves under our own brand.


It was Tim’s homemade roaster that opened the value chain, and, which over three decades later, remains the backbone of Sabie Valley Coffee.


With time we have developed a technique of roasting, which maximises the essence of the humble coffee bean.  As people’s preferences vary, we have perfected a method of roasting to manipulate the aromatic flavours – offering four roasts, varying from subtle to lively, to suit all palates.


Our process, from bean to cup, has resulted in a high quality, speciality, single origin, ungraded Arabica Coffee which has made Sabie Valley Coffee renowned worldwide.

Our roastery offers a unique insight into the evolution of the coffee bean.  It is here that we roast, pack and distribute our coffee to clients all over South Africa.


We don’t only sell our beans
We also share our knowledge …

of coffee, its cultivation and processing as well as our passion for a good cup of coffee.

As coffee and cake is ‘our thing’, our espresso bar offers a comprehensive range of coffees, while our kitchen produces delicious homemade confectionery.


Sabie Valley Coffee
Sabie Valley Coffee


Coffee is the preferred beverage of the Western world and has been with us since it was first discovered on the highlands of Ethiopia over
1500 years ago.

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Sabie Valley Coffee


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hands on the GOOD STUFF.

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  • MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE – Subtle, smooth and well-rounded with a delicate flavour
  • BUSHVELD BLEND COFFEE – Distinctive, smooth and balanced embracing lively body and acidity
  • DARK ROAST COFFEE – A strong, rich coffee with an intense flavour
  • ESPRESSO – Very strong and distinct, an explosion of flavour
  • DOUBLE ESPRESSO – A double explosion!
  • AMERICANO – A shot of espresso with hot water
  • CAPPUCCINO – Steamed milk and foam infused with a rich, full bodied espresso
  • CAFÉ MOCHA – A delightful blend of hot chocolate and a shot of espresso topped with rich foam
  • CAFÉ LATTE – Steamed milk, layered with espresso
  • CHAI COFFEE –  A rich café latte infused with delicate chai spices, rich in cardamom and cinnamon
  • CHOCCOCHINO – Steamed milk with chocolate & a shot of espresso – heavenly.


  • AFFOGATO – A heavenly combination of dairy ice cream and espresso
  • COLD BREW – Cold, long infused filter coffee served with cream or condensed milk
  • ICED COFFEE – A double thick coffee milkshake
  • FREEZOCHINO – A refreshing iced coffee made with a shot of espresso and ice

We also offer a variety of teas, red cappuccinos, hot chocolate, milkshakes, frulatas, fruit juices and sodas.

Sabie Valley Coffee


Apple crumble, our delicious and now famous dark chocolate cake, a carrot cake to die for, sublime scones, lemon meringue pie, quiche of the day and a variety of homemade pies served with a side salad.  With a day’s notice we can whip up some delicious gluten free options.

Our Team

Our small team of personnel are well trained and each one plays a key role in the success of Sabie Valley Coffee. Joseph Hlungwane is the assistant roaster who grinds and packs the personalised orders.  Florence Malumane, our humour ambassador, welcomes every customer, ensuring that they have a memorable experience.

Sabie Valley Coffee

We also . . .

We produce seedlings and sell them as ornamental trees to our visitors. Our gift shop offers an interesting array of all things coffee. We also offer a range of coffee dispensing equipment and accessories – from domestic to industrial. In-house barista training is available from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Coffee tours can be arranged by appointment.  We take you through the process from bean to cup. Our coffee shop and roastery is open Mondays to Fridays from 8h00 – 17h00,  Saturdays from 8h00 – 15h00 and Sunday from 9h00 – 14h00.

We support . . . 

Care for Wild a non-profit Rhono Rescue, care and rehabilitation centre.

Sabie Valley Coffee
Sabie Valley Coffee

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